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The Pornvisory team has come up with a plan to optimize liquidity on decentralized exchanges and to gradually increase it by the end of 2020.

The plan starts from the analysis that most of the exchanges took place on Uniswap, while very few were made on Balancer and most of them were arbitrages.

Therefore the first step — already implemented yesterday — was to remove liquidity from Balancer, with the intention of transferring it to Uniswap. At the same time, the share of new liquidity introduced on the latter DEX was further increased.

To be precise, 1.10 ETH (and 17,100…

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Pornvisory is pleased to inform you that the auction of the first series of NFTs with erotic content has been concluded.

The sale has been conducted on Opensea and NFT have been purchased with payment exclusively in PVY, our own token.

The series was composed of 5 drawinigs made by the artist Giampaolo Casarini, and 4 of them were sold (“Reflections”, “The Kiss”, “Drink Me” and “Ice Cream”) with prices higher than the basic price, while the other two and the additional copies of those already sold will put again on sale on our store with the same price at…

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In order to expand the offer of Non Fungible Token (NFT) on the store that Pornvisory has on Opensea, today we announce the addition of 10 new digital collectibles, obviously with an erotic theme.

In these days we have been contacted by several emerging artists to collaborate and host their works in our store as they follow the erotic art trend.

So we decided to expand our store with works by two very different artists.

These NFT are for sale in limited editions on the most famous marketplace of this sector and you can only buy them using the native…

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Al fine di ampliare l’offerta di Non Fungible Token (NFT) sullo store che Pornvisory ha su Opensea, oggi annunciamo l’aggiunta di 10 nuovi digital collectibles, ovviamente a tema erotico.

In questi giorni infatti siamo stati contattati da diversi artisti emergenti per collaborare e ospitare le loro opere nel nostro store visto che seguono il filone dell’arte erotica.

Così abbiamo deciso di allargare il nostro store con opere di due artisti molto diversi tra loro.

Questi NFT sono in vendita in edizioni limitate sul più famoso marketplace di questo settore e si potranno comprare solo utilizzando il token nativo della nostra…

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Pornvisory launches today its NFT (Non Fungible Token) based on the Ethereum blockchain — so they are ERC721 tokens — and dedicated to the world of porn.

These real digital artworks are for sale in limited versions on the Opensea platform, a real reference point for this type of art products on blockchain.

In particular, Pornvisory has published in its store the first 5 figurines containing as many pencil drawings made by Italian artist Giampaolo Casarini.

Since they are based on Ethereum thanks to a smart contract, these NFTs are numbered, cannot be minted and are not falsifiable.

This establishes…

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Oggi siamo felici di annunciare i nostri NFT (Non Fungible Token) targati Pornvisory basati sulla blockchain di Ethereum e dedicati al mondo del porno.

Queste vere e proprie opere d’arte digitale sono in vendita in versione limitata sulla piattaforma Opensea, punto di riferimento per questo tipo di prodotti artistici su blockchain.

In particolare, abbiamo pubblicato nel nostro store le prime 5 figurine che contengono altrettanti disegni a matita realizzati dall’artista italiano Giampaolo Casarini.

La particolarità di queste opere digitali è che sono connesse alla blockchain di Ethereum grazie ad uno smart contract, pertanto sono numerate, non se ne possono coniare…

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Since last night you can login on

It’s worth saying that we are excited about this news. Sure, it might a seem small thing, but it’s the initial step that will lead us to give you the chance to have your user panel and calculate the PVY tokens you’ll be earning in the future.

But let’s proceed with order.

At the top right of the site you can already find the “Login” button that will allow you to subscribe to or by entering only an email and a username, in order to avoid long procedures or give…

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Da ieri sera è possibile effettuare il login sul sito, come anche su

E’ il caso di dire che siamo eccitati per questa novità. Certo, potrebbe sembrare piccola, ma è uno dei passi iniziali che ci porteranno a darvi la possibilità di avere il vostro pannello utente e calcolare in futuro i token PVY che starete guadagnando.

Ma procediamo con ordine.

In alto a destra sul sito potrete già ora trovare il pulsante “Login” che vi consentirà di iscrivervi su e .com …

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A few hours ago Pornvisory launched its staking programme for PVY tokens.

This type of staking is actually, in technical terms, liquidity mining, which involves users getting rewarded by placing tokens in a pool on Uniswap.

This means, as is common in the DeFi world, that to receive a reward it is necessary to lock both PVY tokens and their equivalent in another crypto which can be Ethereum (ETH), for example.

The rewards are, as anticipated in the previous our Medium post.

  • Staking for 3 months: 10% reward;
  • Staking for 6 months: 20% reward;
  • Staking for 9 months: 30% reward;
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Poche ore fa Pornvisory ha lanciato il suo programma di staking per i token PVY.

Questa tipologia di staking è in realtà liquidity mining, per cui si ottengono dei reward mettendo i token in una pool su Uniswap. Questo vuol dire, come è comune nel mondo DeFi, che per ricevere il proprio reward bisogna lockare sia token PVY che il suo corrispettivo in un’altra crypto che può essere per esempio Ethereum (ETH).

I reward sono, come anticipato nel precedente post Medium:

- Staking di 3 mesi: 10% di reward;

- Staking di 6 mesi: 20% di reward;

- Staking di…


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