2 new NFT series for Pornvisory on Opensea

In order to expand the offer of Non Fungible Token (NFT) on the store that Pornvisory has on Opensea, today we announce the addition of 10 new digital collectibles, obviously with an erotic theme.

In these days we have been contacted by several emerging artists to collaborate and host their works in our store as they follow the erotic art trend.

So we decided to expand our store with works by two very different artists.

These NFT are for sale in limited editions on the most famous marketplace of this sector and you can only buy them using the native token of our platform, PVY.

PVY is an ERC20 token that you can find on Uniswap or Balancer, both famous decentralized exchange platforms for tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here is the guide to PVY.

Realistic NFTs

The first series of NFT with an erotic theme was launched a few weeks ago and was drawn by the Italian artist Giampaolo Casarini using the realistic pencil drawing technique. The NFTs in this series are on sale in limited quantities following the auction procedure, which will close on November 6, 2020.

The NFT of Dirty New Media

And today we want to announce a new series of NFTs created by Domenico Barra that join the artistic movement called Dirty New Media.

These NFT embody the spirit of contemporary culture conditioned by the use of computers and other devices connected online. They are created with screenshoots of erotic works modified on the computer, remixing them with the technique of databanding.

They are specifically 5 works:

  • Soma, at the basic auction price of 2000 PVY;

Also in this case the auction will last one month.

The NFT in the colors of Maria Grazia Catenacci

But the news does not end here because the store in Pornvisory will also add the works of erotic art by Maria Grazia Catenacci, graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

The colors are the absolute protagonists in her digital works: strong, decisive, spread without any sign of brushstrokes, fills the spaces expressing vitality and emotion.

Usually I don’t like to give conceptual explanations of my works, because art being emotion should not be explained, conceptualized, but felt”, declared Catenacci.

There will also be five of his works on the Opensea store:

  • Loop from 2000 PVY;

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