Ebay doesn’t really accept NFTs

It seems that the platform, in spite of the news and the interviews with the Ebay team, doesn’t really support the sale of NFT.

Some days ago it was spread an interview to the Ebay team saying that the platform had decided to support the sale of NFT. On Ebay you couldn’t do a real minting, but you could list NFTs saying then that the buyer would redeem the non-fungible token after the purchase, providing their Ethereum wallet.

Well, Pornvisory had decided to adopt this solution to sell their NFTs to a wider audience but today they closed their store because we sell NFTs.

We apologize for the inconvenience, although we reiterate that it was not caused by us but by the contradictory policies of Ebay.

You can continue to buy our NFTs on Opensea here.

On Opensea you can buy using Ethereum or USDC, but not PVY: the reason for this is that we plan to use the ETH received to increase liquidity on Uniswap.

Currently on sale there are 10 NFTs dedicated to Max Felicitas and 9 to Martina Smeraldi (since one has already been sold).

These are two of the best known pornstars in Italy but with an international fame, having made films with stars from all around the world. The two pornstars are officially involved in the project and have been supporting Pornvisory for some time now.

Here the tweet from Max’s official profile:

Anyone who buys these NFTs is eligible to receive a cash back in PVY, so it’s basically like we’re giving away these non-fungible tokens to our fans.

These two are just the first drops, in the future there will be others of greater rarity in 5 and 1 copies, with other redeemable prizes after purchase. SPOILER… you can take home boxers, briefs and autographed material from the artists!!!

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