Happy birthday to Pornvisory: announcements and news about NFTs

Pornvisory has just turned 1 year old, and between a slice of cake and a glass of champagne, we’ve started to outline our strategies for 2021 and… yes, we can say it out loud: we’re alive, in great shape, and full of new ideas to make this year truly memorable for our project.

But first things first.

Yes, the Non Fungible Tokens

We’ve been believing in this sector since October 2020, when we released our first three sets of work on the Opensea marketplace, so now all we can do is continue to focus heavily on this fast-growing sector.

The first initiative we will put in place will be the relaunch of our presence in this fervently evolving world, with “PornvisoryART” becoming our new brand to operate in the world of erotic art on NFT.

Soon we will launch a new series of NFT of erotic content, with a series of works in collaboration with two famous stars of the Italian pornographic scene, created by an emerging designer in the Italian scene.

In a few days, we will give you more information about the release dates of the first six drops, with different levels of rarity and unlockable content.

But we didn’t finish yet

We’re preparing a much more delicious — and spicy! — and not to leave you hungry, we give you some anticipation.

As foreseen in our whitepaper, we are at an advanced stage of realization of a collectible card game with an erotic theme, which will be represented of course by NFT and will be placed on a dedicated sidechain, within a platform that we will choose soon.

There are constant, daily evolutions now in the field of NFTs and how to create them, store them, use them. In the case of gaming, it’s even more important to follow the developments because the use of blockchain should not become an excessive cost that discourages players.

For this reason, we are following with extreme attention the new platforms being launched (Flow, ImmutableX, Palm, Polygon, and others) to choose — at the right time — the one that will guarantee the greatest ease of use combined with the speed and economy of use of the blockchain.

We are very proud of this product, which, if everything goes well, could see the light by the end of the year and who knows, maybe even just after the summer (we are already drawing the cards…shhhh….).

Dulcis in Fundo

Since the online gaming sector has captured and conquered us, we are considering entering the co-production of a new game: an erotic shooter, whose internal currency will be represented by PVY or a proxy of them, faster and cheaper to use but purchasable only with PVY.

Stay tuned, because there could be more surprises: we want to make this 2021 unforgettable for us and our Community.

Happy Birthday, Visors!

The PornVisory Team

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