How to buy and sell Pornvisory (PVY) tokens by using Metamask and Uniswap

In this article we will explain how to sell and buy our PVY tokens using the Metamask wallet and the Uniswap exchange.

Uniswap is currently the only one exchange where you can buy and sell Pornvisory.


MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet available as a browser extension but also on iOS and Android.

Metamask è quindi un portafoglio per usare Ethereum e tutti i token ERC20. Permette inoltre di interagire con le varie dApp basate su Ethereum, come per esempio proprio Uniswap.

Therefore, Metamask is a wallet to handle Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens. It also allows you to interact with the various Ethereum-based dApps, such as Uniswap.

Metamask is an extremely popular wallet in the crypto space and it is among the safest.

Your wallet’s private key remains inside MetaMask and no scam websites might be able to steal it. However, it is a non-custodial wallet, so the seed and password are kept only by you.

How to use Metamask

To download this wallet just go to the official Metamask website and click on the “Download” button located in the top right corner.

The following is the page you will see after doing that. This is where you have to select the app you need, depending on your browser or operating system.

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Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

Now, just click on the app you need and follow the wizard, which is available in several languages.

In practice, it is like installing a normal app on your smartphone or an extension on your browser.

Password and seed

After the installation, Metamask will ask you to set up a password for your account. Every time you close your browser or your app, you will be prompted for this password to interact with Metamask again, so don’t forget it !!

This password, since Metalask is a non-custodial wallet, cannot be recovered in any way so keep it very carefully.

After reading all the Terms and Conditions and the Phishing Warning, you will be asked to click on “accept” to continue.

Now Metamask will show you your seed, also called “mnemonic phrase”, and the system will explain to you to keep it very very safe because this cannot be recovered in any other way and whoever has access to these words can steal your funds. This is common to all non-custodial wallets, so everything is normal.

Once carefully written on a sheet of paper, press on the “continue” button and the system will ask you to confirm the sentences on the next screen by clicking on the words in the right order.

Finally click on “CONFIRM” to have access to Metamask.

Now you can deposit your Ethereum on the wallet, making a normal transaction or buying them from Coinbase or Shapeshift.

How to set up Uniswap

Once you set up Metamask you will always see it at the top right of your browser extensions.

We recommend that you install it on your browser: in fact, it will be better and easier to use it with Uniswap to easily sell and buy PVY.

Now please go on e search for PVY. This is its contract address:

Now go on Uniswap and click on the pink button called “Select a token”.

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You will find yourself in front of the following page. Here you will have to copy and paste the token address you found on Etherscan, or this:


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This way you will be able to swap PVY against ETH or with other tokens listed on Uniswap.

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Now just enter the amount of ETH to sell to buy PVY and connect Uniswap to Metamask by pressing the “Connect to a wallet” button at the top right, then click on “Metamask”.

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Now just log into your Metamask account by entering the password we had previously selected and confirm the transaction to buy or sell PVY.

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