Now you can login to Pornvisory website

Since last night you can login on

It’s worth saying that we are excited about this news. Sure, it might a seem small thing, but it’s the initial step that will lead us to give you the chance to have your user panel and calculate the PVY tokens you’ll be earning in the future.

But let’s proceed with order.

At the top right of the site you can already find the “Login” button that will allow you to subscribe to or by entering only an email and a username, in order to avoid long procedures or give us too much data. This way you preserve your privacy too.

After this short procedure — please enter a strong and secure password — you will receive an email to confirm your address.

Once this is done you will be able to access your user panel where you can see your data with the possibility to change it at any time.

In this same panel in a few months you will be able to check your token balance and see what actions to take to earn more PVY.

The collection of emails, as explained in the privacy section, is obviously not shared with anyone else, but you may receive messages containing information related to Pornvisory to stay up to date on the project.

Looking forward to having you on the platform!

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