Pornvisory: all about business model and inflation

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Pornvisory was born in May 2020, and during these months we worked mainly on our websites and porn contents. After working on it, we decided to list our token PVY at the beginning of August 2020.

How our inflation model works

One of the frequently asked questions we are receiving is about our inflation model.

As publicly declared several times, we decided not to launch an ICO or IEO as we believe they are not a fair method to earn money from.

In a trustless world, as the crypto sphere is, we don’t want to ask you for trust, so we didn’t organize a token sale. However, of course to develop the project we need to raise money.

We started to work on Pornvisory using our own funds, and we will continue to do it as far as we need it, but our token PVY is listed on Uniswap and Balancer, so you have the chance to buy it.

Listed on two of the biggest DEX, it is easily tradable against a lot of pairs. And here our inflation model comes into play, a thing that we mentioned also in an article published on Medium here.

The fair inflation

However, to better clarify, the inflation model works like that: basically, we sell tokens on the market (from 1000 to 5000 PVY per day).

As said, the tokens we put on the market through this measured sales action serve to provide additional resources (in addition to those of the founders) to develop the project faster and with more content, considering that the ideas in the drawer are many and ambitious.

We shared the public address of the wallet where we have tokens allocated for this reason, so you can check how many tokens we sell and when anytime.

We are working to block these tokens too, to have less need of trust from you. Right now, these tokens are on a regular but safe and secure wallet, but we will create a smart contract to block them, so you don’t have to check every day or trust us.

So, to sum up:

  • We will continue to sell tokens on the market to both raise funds to develop the project and to add liquidity.
  • We will block tokens for more trust.
  • We will develop the project, and as soon as possible, we will publish our roadmap and full whitepaper.

This is a standard within the DFO Hub ecosystem, and a trustless way to raise funds.

We can develop the project only if you buy our tokens, and we are sure you will do that only if we proceed with the development in the right way. That’s why we also decided to create a DFO, so you can vote and propose your ideas.

The differences between Pornvisory inflation and the DFO Hub Fair inflation

It is true that DFO Hub has an integrated mechanism to manage the fair inflation, which is very good and based on a solid smart contract, but for now it is not suitable for our PVY tokens, whose small market cap makes us feel even more fair towards token holders, if we keep the possibility to put tokens on the market in a more controlled way.

In other words, if every day we put the amount of tokens on the exchange, we risk lowering their value, mainly to the detriment of those who are believing in us from the first moment.

That’s why we are not using the DFO Hub fair inflation model, as it would basically “force” us to sell every day/week/month and we don’t want to do it because we can risk to lower the price, especially now when the volumes are low and the market cap is small.

As a further demonstration of how much we care about our early adopters, the first airdrop was created specifically for them, and will give the possibility to get an additional amount equal to 100% of what we own.

For more questions or feedback, follow us on our social media:





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