Pornvisory: all the details about PVY token allocation and airdrops

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As anticipated in a previous post, the total supply of Pornvisory (PVY) tokens has been divided into several tranches, where each allocation is intended for a specific purpose.

For transparency and to simplify your monitoring, we created several independent accounts — i.e. dedicated ETH addresses — where tokens related to each spending chapter have been transferred.

Below are the public keys of these accounts:

  • Airdrop address

Address: 0xBED88B16eFd0E2B2a35E0370cf9490C405C2e14a

Allocation: 5,000,000.00 PVY

  • Reward address

Address: 0x26966683B1daf18A82Fc83BecF1F52dE73d44724

Allocation: 10,000,000.00 PVY

  • Staking reward address

Address: 0x723602a9A12cd748F40651d638A5Ec69b9bB7E6a

Allocation: 10,000,000.00 PVY

  • Team address

Address: 0x43BaB65bB1e87351e954480eCd1Dc51e8c7efA8c

Allocation: 10,000,000.00 PVY

  • Reserve address

Address: 0xFf01C3045c0EC76851a3E1c69651C0290eFd3144

Allocation: 33,500,000.00 PVY

A further 1,500,000.00 PVY was paid to the DFOHUB team as a fee for the deployment of the “Pornvisory DFO”. This is the TX hash:

Additional 30,000,000.00 PVY — net of what has already been used to create liquidity on Uniswap V2 and what has been put on the market to feed the development — will remain in the original address where the token contract was deployed.

PVY Airdrops

Now let’s talk about another subject that has understandably aroused a lot of interest in the community, so we now want to give more details and some anticipations about it, the airdrop.

Our allocation is important, equal to 5% of the PVY tokens issued, and we intend to use it as much as possible, bearing in mind that at the end of the 24 months we will burn any residue contained in the address.

We will do airdrops for 2 reasons:

  1. Promoting the knowledge of PornVisory through the free distribution of PVY tokens. This distribution will attract the curiosity of the beneficiaries, who will see the project and will be able to use the tokens for the purposes for which they have been intended.
  2. Rewarding members of specific communities and/or groups of our users for particular merits acquired.

In this regard, we can now announce the first two airdrops scheduled by August 2020.


We want to thank all our “early adopters” who believed in our project from the very first moment, buying PVY tokens from the very first minutes of their introduction on the market.

We are not exaggerating: a few minutes after deploying the DFO and creating the first liquidity pool on Uniswap V2, without even announcing it publicly, we saw the first purchases and the first comments on our social media, so we want to thank you.

The growth of PornVisory will always be linked to the community’s support, both economic through the purchase of tokens, and operational through the governance actions, but above all the energy boost you give us continuously through your comments, feedback and suggestions.

At 12:00 pm UTC on August 31, 2020, we will take a snapshot of our token holders, and all the addresses with a minimum of 50 PVY will receive an airdrop of the equal quantity within the next 15 days. The amounts will be rounded to the second decimal place.


The entire DFOHUB Community has enthusiastically welcomed our entry into the galaxy, so we want to give 50 PVY to each of their bigger users as well.

That’s all for now. Keep following us: we will explain our ideas of “decentralized governance” soon as well as the updated development roadmap of our project.


The PornVisory Team

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