Pornvisory: new update on airdrops and PVY token staking program

As anticipated a few days ago, we have completed the guidelines of the staking program, which will be launched shortly and will allow token Pornvisory (PVY) owners to lock them into a smart contract and get a reward concerning the duration of the staking itself.

Technically, the whole process passes through the DFO HUB platform on which our initiative is built so that we will follow the methods and procedures indicated by them.

So, if a token holder puts his PVY in the staking program, these tokens will no longer be visible directly in his wallet but in a pool.

As a consequence of this, and to guarantee to all token holders the first airdrop that we promised to “early adopters”, we decided to anticipate the development of the airdrop mentioned above, so that once the distribution is finished, it will then be possible to stake the desired amounts.

This will allow, among other things, to double the availability of PVY for token holders who want to join the program, obtaining the rewards on a double amount.

In light of the above, the new deadlines will be as follows:

AUGUST 31ST 2020–00.00 UTC

We will take a snapshot of the addresses of the token holders and their PVY.

AUGUST 31ST — 18.00 UTC

This is the deadline when the airdrops will be completed to token holders legitimized according to the snapshot. As already communicated, each address will receive the same amount of PVY owned at the time of the snapshot, with a limited calculation of the first two decimal places (for example, those who own 1,234.56789 PVY will receive 1,234.56 additional PVY).

On August 31st at 19.00 UTC

The staking program will start, which will allow participants to obtain the following rewards:

- 3-month staking: 10% reward;

- 6-month staking: 20% reward;

- 9-month staking: 30% reward;

- 12 Month Staking: 50% Rewards.

Over the next few days, and in any case before the start of the staking program, we will publish the additional information needed to join, including a comprehensive and straightforward tutorial.

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